About us

Contemporary home interior products in Mauritius

Bantu designs is a budding start-up established in 2017, our main goal is to bring modern and exquisite products for home interior decoration in Mauritius. We offer our services to both residential and commercial clients. Having close ties with some of the major suppliers as well as fellow innovative start-ups, we are able to reduce costs and offer our products at a competitive price by eliminating the middleman’s role. Our dedicated team researches daily for new releases on the international market so we can cater for the needs of Mauritian trendsetters.

Bantu Design is a young and dynamic company driven by passion for innovation and elegance. To date, we have been the first company to officially launch the Frigo Coffee table outside of North America.

An exclusive 25% launch discount is available to all clients who sign up and confirm attendance to our launch event.

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We build the future

At Bantu Design, not only do we focus on bringing the latest furniture to Mauritius, we are always looking to the next piece of technology that can ease the lives of Mauritians daily.

The technology should strike a perfect balance between being cutting edge and aesthetic enough to provide value to your home’s interior design.

Finding and maintaining this precious balance while providing you with world-class customer service is our promise to you.

Our vision is to become a household name in both the technological and interior design industries while remaining focused on placing the cornerstone of success, which is our customers, first and foremost.